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Sub-Arctic Expedition: The Return

On my way back to the Faroe Islands,  by way of Reykjavik and Copenhagen. Stay tuned for more details.



Rockstar Ram

I recently completed “The Ram,” pictured below.  The model for sheep on the boat was a young ram that came under the care of Aimee León, while she was in the Faroe Islands on her Wool Away Project.

It turns out that this young ram was a good choice for a model–he  has since been selected to be one of THE rams. That is a big deal in the Faroes, there aren’t too many rams. Only one or two are chosen from a herd each year. The rest are slaughtered for meat for the year.  Aimee León had rescued him out of a vertical rocky crevasse after he broke his leg and carried him back around her neck in her scarf. She became fond of him while caring for him afterwards, and sent his picture when I asked for a sheep model. It turns out that we picked a real stud–This guy will literally make hundreds of babies.

The Model

The Model

The print he is featured in:

The Ram 12"x9", multiple plate etching

The Ram 12″ x 9″, multiple plate etching



Sub-Arctic Expedition 2014 Calendar is now available!

Are you still following this blog?  Excellent–that means you get to be one of the first to read about the 2014 Sub-Arctic Expedition Calendar.

Twelve paintings and etchings from my Summer 2013 expedition to the Faroe Islands, plus a bonus photo of the Great Masking Tape Giraffe of Gota.


First Post-Expedition Etching Under Way

This is the first color proof of my first Faroe Islands-inspired etching.  Based on the 62.3 N Ladder piece I created while in the Faroes.

Fugloy Ladder, 16" x 12", multiple plate etching

Fugloy Ladder16″ x 12″, multiple plate etching


Final Post From the Faroe Islands

Well, not really.  I am actually already in Copenhagen.  These are the last three pieces I created while in Torshavn.  They are an elaboration on the image Over and Up, that I posted a few days ago.  I created them as a triptych, but I am also happy with them as separate individual pieces, especially the middle one.

Dry Place, 16" x 12", ink and gouache

Dry Place, 16″ x 12″, ink and gouache

Faroe Sojurn, 16" x12", ink & gouache

Faroe Sojurn, 16″ x12″, ink and gouache

Water Place, 16" x 12", ink and gouache

Water Place, 16″ x 12″, ink and gouache

I am on my way back to North America now, so there will be no more posts from the Faroes.

{pause for a moment of sadness}

There will, however, be more posts on this blog.  The Sub-Arctic Expedition will be inspiring work for months, probably years, to come, and I already have ideas I want to get to work on as soon as possible.  Stay tuned!


The Expedition Is About To Begin!

I leave New Mexico in 5 days. Nothing exciting to report at this point, or probably any time during the next week (unless someone thinks waterproof jackets and new shoes are exciting).

I won’t actually arrive in the Faroes until July 5th, after three days in Copenhagen. Shouldn’t be much news until then, but if anything exciting does manifest, I will be sure to share!

Be sure to follow this blog, so you’ll get regular updates.

Thanks Again for your support,


ps–the header picture is a detail from a print I made over ten years ago.  I thought the boat and the map with dotted travel lines and mystery labels appropriate for a new journey.  The header will get replaced periodically with new expedition images.  Stay tuned!

"A Live Coal in the Ocean", etching with aquatint, 18" x 12"