Monthly Archives: September 2013

Another Faroe-based etching

I was in the studio yesterday, drawing on the key plate for a new piece:

fugloy house plate

This is based on the Fugloy House painting I did while in the Faroes.  So far, both post-Faroe etchings I am working on are based on paintings I did while on my trip.  At first, I was worried that I was just copying myself; however, I’ve noticed two things:

  1. The resulting print is much richer for having started out as a painting.  Having worked out many of the composition and content issues in the painting, it is easier to explore technical issues more in the etching.
  2. Re-working the image on three copper plates, rather then on paper makes the image evolve a bit, plus it lets me correct side-effects of the initial burst of creativity.  The original Fugloy House image started as a seemingly random green blob.  The etching version features a closer approximation of the actual Fugloy coastline.

Here is the first proof, from just the key plate (this proof is actually a side effect of transferring the image from the key plate to the other two color plates).

fugloy house proof