Monthly Archives: August 2013

First Post-Expedition Etching Under Way

This is the first color proof of my first Faroe Islands-inspired etching.  Based on the 62.3 N Ladder piece I created while in the Faroes.

Fugloy Ladder, 16" x 12", multiple plate etching

Fugloy Ladder16″ x 12″, multiple plate etching



Final Post From the Faroe Islands

Well, not really.  I am actually already in Copenhagen.  These are the last three pieces I created while in Torshavn.  They are an elaboration on the image Over and Up, that I posted a few days ago.  I created them as a triptych, but I am also happy with them as separate individual pieces, especially the middle one.

Dry Place, 16" x 12", ink and gouache

Dry Place, 16″ x 12″, ink and gouache

Faroe Sojurn, 16" x12", ink & gouache

Faroe Sojurn, 16″ x12″, ink and gouache

Water Place, 16" x 12", ink and gouache

Water Place, 16″ x 12″, ink and gouache

I am on my way back to North America now, so there will be no more posts from the Faroes.

{pause for a moment of sadness}

There will, however, be more posts on this blog.  The Sub-Arctic Expedition will be inspiring work for months, probably years, to come, and I already have ideas I want to get to work on as soon as possible.  Stay tuned!