My Career as a Coloring Book Artist

I spent Thursday through Saturday at the G! Festival, in Gøta.  I could go on and on about Nordic musicians enfolded in mist on a North Atlantic beach, but that is outside the scope of both this blog and my writing abilities.

wtf at g

I got to be at G! by helping out with Watch That Film, a series of screenings of Faroese music videos, experimental films from the Orkney Islands, Faroese short films, a new silent film by Faroese musician Teitur, a documentary about the metal band Hamferð, and Barnafilmar–four short animated films screened for children.  The “opening act” for Watch That Film was Read That Book–readings by Faroese authors/poets.  Everything took place in a barn converted into a lounge for the occasion:

My official job title was “Minion”, which mostly meant some schlepping and some driving; however, I also created coloring pages for Barnafilmar.  Children in the audience voted for best of the four children’s films by selecting a coloring page for their favorite.  Rabbit and Deer, an exploration of friendship and the metaphysics of 2-D versus 3-D, won.  We set out markers and children colored the pictures (or created their own on the reverse) and entered them in a drawing for a mobile phone.  The much-improved-by-coloring pictures will be displayed on


Rabbit and Deer, directed by Peter Vácz


Ormie, directed by Rob Silvestri


Much Better Now, directed by Phillip Camarella and Simon Griesser


Premier Automne, directed by Carlos de Cavalho and Aude Danset


Collecting the finished artworks.

During my spare moments, I also found myself creating small sculptures out of masking tape.


4 responses to “My Career as a Coloring Book Artist

  1. Are those your b&w drawings?

  2. How cool! A chance for others to enjoy your work…presumably inexpensively. I haven’t been to the co-op since you left. Just wouldn’t be the same.

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